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tv   [untitled]    September 7, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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vendors with merchandise. >> you are going to report back to us on the next meeting with what you find? >> logistically what this means -- an example is mobile food, where it was under the police department, and they thought it was best to put it under a lease for the public's right away, so what does that mean in terms of taking it away from one department and adding it to another? what would it take for us to be able to do fivthat? >> i look forward to hearing it. thank you. >> august 5 i visited sunday
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streets. the organizers asked for a task force and who to be put together to help walk the street. the organizers only have a permit to close the streets, and some permit were they do have activities in the streets, but they do not have permits to be able to sell food. they do not have permits for sidewalk encroachment for the businesses, so because the emissions -- missions, this does happen four times this year, what has transpired is there have been some street food vendors coming out on the sidewalk, so since the event is not permitted for the sale of food, the organizers were concerned this was starting to
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develop and to grow, so the city put together a task force with our office, department of public health, and fire department to do some communication and talk to the vendors, but also there were restaurants but also working outside of their restaurant, so the city has no permit for a business to even have prepackaged food they can sell outside of their business, so we did have to talk to those businesses. the one thing that did make me think is that many of the businesses, while we did not necessarily address is, dpw was not part of the task force, but if this continues and grows, the businesses cannot have something
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outside the table to put up their merchandise, non food- related merchandise, so what ++ -- e event's sponsors pay for the event and the amount of space they recover, they are not going to be able to do that. this is something we can sponsor, so i think it will
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depend on how much the merchants will -- will like that. the other thing for discussion we did what came to my mind is asking for the event sponsors to pay for this permit is probably not going to be able to afford to do that, that maybe this is something our office can sponsor. it would add more people doing business with them than the food establishments that did not have them, so i think we need to take a look at this component.
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the citizens loves it. is great to see these activities with the kids engaged because there is space for it, but we need to figure out ways to help the businesses on these streets to make sure they stay economically viable, so i will be working with sunday streets and the merchants in the areas where they have expressed concern over this on maybe some things we can do, and we are going to be working with the former commissioner darlene sure -- xchiu to help develop a package, so jane will be assisting with evaporated -- that.
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starting next week, we have a joint project together to hire a city hall so alone -- fellow, and i am greatly appreciate them making this possible for us to begin our report t, so the first thing we are going to have them do is an analysis on a business portal page, and this will assist in the tire and for demonstrating the need for additional funding -- the tie -in for demonstrating the need for additional funding, and
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depending on time, expanding it beyond that for any citywide technology and infrastructure that will assist businesses in interfacing with the city, so that is something i am excited about, because we have not have the capacity to come in and do some strong analysis around the businesses first engagement with the city and what we can do to improve upon that process, and last, for this particular session, i think you have been forwarded an announcement about the change in directorship about the office of economic workforce development, and who they are going to take on some specific matters around the waterfront,
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and jennifer is great at doing that, sir she is going to be doing that component, and todd is going to be appointed as the director, so i definitely want to acknowledge, take a moment now, and we will do it in the future, but to acknowledge jennifer, because jennifer has been instrumental in establishing the office of small business. she was a small advocate in trying to get it created. she has been an advocate in making sure we have maintained our enterprise zone tax credits, our neighborhood initiatives
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components. she has been excellent in providing leadership in those areas in the office of economic and work-force development, so even through the financial -- bchrisis we have done a good job in financing organizations, and they are key in assisting small businesses, so i do want to acknowledge jennifer's leadership in facthat and know t she is going to be doing with waterfront projects, we are in good hands with that, and to congratulate todd in his appointment. next i am going to move on to legislative and policy matters. as you note, the business tax reform was passed by the board
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of supervisors on july 31 and has been placed on the ballot. he did send an e-mail and reminder. there is a fine line. the commission cannot write an argument for this particular matter, knowing that the election season is coming up, please read. is a nine page memo. some of it does not pertain to you, but some key things do pertain to you. please make sure you read that to make sure there are no ethics issues as we move forward with the election season. next, the payroll expense tax exclusion.
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yet how it was written was about upon -- that upon as soon as it takes affect the payroll tax of seclusion -- pactiv solution would go away, so when the gross receipts measure passes in november, it is in effect, so the payroll tax exclusion is no longer in effect. right before recess we have a conversation with supervisor farrell office, so we will be working with his office to amend that ordinance, so it fulfills its original intent. it is an oversight with lack of understanding exactly what the full measure was going to be regarding the business tax reform, so if you are talking to
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any business is about a payroll tax exclusion, let them know there is a little bit of a pause button write-down -- right now until we get this sorted out. there is more items, but i am going to sit down -- skip down. i want to do a reminder there are 3 business seats that need to be filled, and it would be great if you have any businesses you know -- to have businesses involve minimum wage workers, low wage workers, that type of thing, but it does not have to exclusively be so, so we do want to encourage businesses to be on the task force to provide input
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as we move forward with looking at this matter, and the last meeting i was not here because of supervisor mars hearing and supervisor david shochiu's legislation regarding who landlord requirements. it passed the committee and at its first reading. it is no longer mandating the landlords to the improvements but the landlords notify the tenants.
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understanding that all the nuances which individuals businessmen engage with us potential experts, so if a landlord were to say my entrance were not accessible and i am informing you the businessman goes to talk to an architect, and the architect says, you are doing improvements under the valuation threshold, so you are only spending $5,000, and you are going to spend it on the bathroom, that is fine if you do not do it on the entrance. they might be ill-advised aboutd the vulnerability, so i ask supervisor chiu to mandate they put out a brochure, because businesses are
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relying on individuals who know more about the codes, the regulations, and things of that sort and do not know who is fully informed or partially informed, and who is going to tell just a narrow window of information and not full information, so that will be a project for our office to be working on, and i would like to have the brochure done shortly after late september, and the law will go into effect january 1. next, moving on to policy matters, the city is to do an economic strategy every three years, so we are currently
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reviving the economic strategy, so the office of economic analysis has put together a survey, and we have that highlight it, so i would encourage you as business owners to fill out at survey but also to spread it out to the network to have businesses fill out at survey, so that is important information to have small businesses make sure they give their input, so if for any reason you are not getting our monthly e-bulletin, please let me know so i can make sure you get int.
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do you have a question? >> is it possible to get a copy of the survey. i go into the newsletter, and you have to take the survey to get a copy? >> ok. next, the commission heard the matter a couple years ago, so the city hall fellows have conducted a report after a year of its being in practice, and that report just came out. supervisor 0 loglague has schedd a meeting at the parks branch library. i left the space at the address, and that is 1833 page, between cole and shrader to have the
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city hall follows present their findings, so in case you are interested in that. depending on what the findings are, staff will make a determination as to whether we have this as a topic for the outreach committee or whether we do need to have a full presentation at the full ask;vg)@]ç ñ?9vc
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++>> i will briefly touch on se highlights around the ada outrrights klw. december 22 was the brochure. good commissioner julie, -- commissioner dooley, i will let you make note, and commissioner dooley will elaborate on that, and scott has been promoted to the commission on disability access, as a business representative, and i am very pleased, because scott is very knowledgeable about the situation and i think it will push the commission to start picking up the pace.
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they have a heavy work load in front of them. i did a tent -- attend one of the fairs. but it is interesting to know there are a least 10 different vendors, three of them right in san francisco, or very close to the bay area, so the car and foot print is not far in terms of getting this delivered, -- they carbon foot bridge is not far in terms of getting this delivered. there already have been clients in san francisco, businesses that have purchased from them, so they are working with the businesses to make this transition, so the next step is because the implementation date is october 1 does do what is going to be the consumer campaign -- as to what is going to be the consumer campaign,
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because businesses have a good idea of where they can go. i think we can do some more out of reach, but i am not sure the consumer knows this is coming, so i do not want businesses to be in the place of taking the time to educate consumers. that is going to slow down the business. we will work with the department of the environment and give you a verbal update on their outreach campaign, and section 3, my last section update, we have hired a person for our position. his name is christian murdoch. he has been out -- he has the program, and he will be starting
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september 4 commo, and a correcf the total for fiscal year 2011- 2012. i provided you with a tentative at the first meeting in july, so these are final totals, so in 2010 and 2011 we had 20,011 cases. there was an 8% increase, ju and fromly an -- and from july, 2011, we haven' an increase from the previous year. we are going to be closing the office to do some cleaning and organizing of things, and the
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last thing i want to make note, in our newsletter we are adding one thing to the small business connection, and we will be highlighting businesses that have recently opened who first came to the small business center, so we did our first one with august, so be on the lookout for that as well, so that concludes my report. i would be happy to take any questions if you have them. >> any questions four commissioners? any questions for the public? seeing none, public comment is closed. next item. >> item 8, legislation>> most oe heard in discussion today.
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>> item 9, the committee report? >> we had our first meeting last month and we review the potential for vacancies, legislation which would be part of creating a data base for people interested in opening of business or realtors, and this of the use with what the fee would be used for, and they would participate in this. we'll be looking into that legislation, which was based on the supervisors -- supervisor chu's legislation. and organizing a group, friends of the small business commission, but the complications of opening a
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nonprofit -- we would go with contrasting groups which may work with us, we will try to go that way -- and you heard from the director, we have discussed the situation and how it is ongoing. >> the next item? >> item 10 is the president's report? >> just for the record, with the business report -- >> no report. >> the commission report? any reports from the commissioners? >> two things to report on. the director mentioned that i have attended meetings with the
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merchants association. with senator feinstein's office and we feel encouraged that we're interested in the idea, and we will work on this problem in a more coordinated manner. we have more on how we will arrange this first meeting. and the small businesses. this would be a great one going forward. and i was interviewed last month by dr. matsui, a professor of commerce and she was doing a study on the leadership -- and i
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was surprised to hear about this, there were looking to us for tips on how to revitalize small businesses, using tourism, and getting regional and local visitors. trying to find diversity to draw people in with small businesses and unique businesses, and she seemed pleased to get that information back to japan. and that is set. >> thank you. the next item? >> item 13 is general public comment. >> is there any general public comment? public comment is closed. >> item 14 is new business. is there any new business?
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the next item? item 15 is adjournment. >> do we have a motion to adjourn? >> i moved. >> i second. >> thank you. >> commissioners, the meeting is adjourned at 6:34 p.m.. >> we would please ask so that we can proceed as efficiently as possible. -- we would please ask that you take secondary conversations outside so that we can proceed as efficiently as possible.
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unless otherwise announced, each person will have three minutes for public comment on each item. please address your comments to the item being heard. if you would like to speak under general public comment, those are items 4 and 11 on the edge of a peer lastly, in order to allow equal time for all, neither the commission or staff


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